Parent FAQ

What time does school start?  8:30 AM

What time does school end?  3:30 PM

What is the earliest time that I can drop my child off at school?  7:30 AM

What time can my child eat breakfast?  Between 7:45 and 8:20 AM

Where do I drop my child off in the morning if I bring them to school?  Enter the driveway down by the KRES marquee (sign).  If it is after 8:29 AM you must park and come in with your child.

What time is my child considered tardy?  8:35 AM  If your child is late an adult must come inside the school and sign your child in.  Do not send them in alone.

Where will the buses unload and load?  Using the entrance without the school sign, on the back side of the school across from Jones Road. (BUS TRAFFIC ONLY)

What time does my child eat lunch?  Lunch begins at 10:50 AM for Pre-K and will end around 1:00 with our fifth graders.  Contact your child's teacher for specific times.  You are always welcome and encouraged to eat with you child, however, due to nutrition department regulations NO 'BRANDED' FOOD MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE LUNCHROOM.  This means you can bring lunch from home but NOT a bag of food from a resturarant.

What time should I get in line to pickup my child?  Students will begin to be dismissed from the lunchroom about 3:30 PM.  ALL STUDENTS RECEIVE A CAR PICK-UP TAG at the beginning of school.  YOU MUST HAVE A CAR TAG to pick up your student.  If you do not have a tag you will have to come inside the building and wait to check out your child AFTER other car riders are dismissed. See pick-up procedures for more details. 

What time will my child get home?  It depends on the bus route.   Remember routes generally run slower the first weeks of school as drivers become familiar with the routes.

Will afterschool care be provided for my child?  We do not currently have an afterschool program for child care.

How do I know what bus my child rides?  Call the school at 478-825-8893 or call the bus barn at 478-825-0601.  Transportation has also posted bus routes on the Peach County Schools website.

How can I volunteer at my school?  You may sign up at Open House.  Within the first few days of school a volunteer letter will also be sent home with students.  You may contact our parent coordinator Mrs. New at 825-8893.

How do I schedule conferences with my child's teacher?  Call the school and leave a message or send a letter to your child's teacher.  You may also use e-mail to contact you child's teacher.

How long will I be allowed to walk with my child to class?  Only the first day of school.  After the first day of school, we want to encourage our students to be independent.

Can I observe my child's classroom at anytime?  We like to have parents in to observe, however, we will observe the board policy on classroom observations.  See the "Student Handbook"   for a copy of the policy.

Will we have a school nurse?  Yes, the nurse will be at our school daily Monday -  Friday of each week.

What are the school colors and mascot?  Blue and Silver are our school colors.  We are the Kay Road Hawks.

How do I set up a Parent Portal Account?  You will need to come to the school and see Ms. Carolyn Marcus (F.T.E. clerk) to fill out an application and set up your account.

Will we have school uniforms?  Peach County does not have a uniform policy at this time.  We follow the Peach County Schools dress code that is printed in the student handbook.  The policy is also posted on our website.